90 Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee

90 Day Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Overnight results are not something that we promise but we do promise that consistency is a game-changer. Some see results in as little as 1 week and others over a few months but we are confident that you will see results by using our products daily.


In the rare case that you don’t see any improvements after using our product consistently for 90 days, below are the steps you should take to claim double your money back!



e our free hair & scalp consultation prior to making a purchase by clicking here. If you do not take the consultation your claim will be invalid. 


If after consistent use you see no results, email us your 90 day picture and from there we will book you in for a virtual consultation where our trichologists will further examine your hair loss and give you advice on what your next steps should be. 

Please note your camera will need to be turned on for the consultation.



At the start of your hair journey before using our products, take a picture so that you are able to track your progress and email it to contact@stclaireshair.com within 3 days of receiving the product. This is very important as without this your claim will be invalid.  


Once you have had your consultation, simply fill out a quick form and you will receive double your money back within 30 days. 

To make a claim under our 90 day double your money back guarantee, you must have bought the following products: St Claire’s Everyday Stimulating Conditioning Spray, St Claire’s Leave In Conditioning Cream & Intense Hair & Scalp Moisturiser 


You must submit your claim to contact@stclaireshair.com between 90-120 days of receiving your order. 


We may reject your claim if:


We reasonably believe that your treatment has been effective at restoring hair loss

We ask for your photos, and the angles/orientation differ between the before & after or the photos are unclear.

You have been diagnosed with permanent scarring hair loss

We reasonably believe that the photos you send have been digitally altered, are not of the same person or your claim is otherwise dishonest or fraudulent.

Please also note that a claim cannot be made if hair loss relates to an active illness, stress or treatment of that illness (e.g. cancer, chemotherapy). 

In the case of stress induced hair loss, our products can stimulate hair growth but hair loss will persist if stress levels are not addressed and reduced. 

Our 90 day double your money back guarantee is available to first time customers only.

We may withdraw this guarantee at any time for new purchases of our hair loss products