What is Virgin Hair?

This is hair that is completely unprocessed meaning it has not been chemically altered in anyway, typically referring to processes such as perming, colouring or bleaching. It also means that the hair is collected from a single donor and that all the cuticles are aligned and fall in the same direction which is makes for softer, silky, tangle free hair.

How much does each bundle of hair weigh?

Our bundles are bouncy and full which will provide your hairstyle with a voluminous finish. Each of our bundles weigh 100 grams.

How many bundles of hair will I need for a full head weave/wig?

Typically 3 bundles of hair is sufficient for a full head weave, however for any length longer than 18 inches we would recommend purchasing 4 bundles – especially if you wish to achieve a glamorous & voluminous look.

What is a closure?

This is a hair piece usually made with a lace or silk base and only a few inches long and wide in size. With this unit there is no need to leave any of your natural hair out which is a great method of protective styling. Closures are placed just at the beginning of the hairline to give the illusion that your virgin hair extensions are growing from your very own head.

What is the difference between a lace base and silk base closure?

Our lace based closures are discreetly thin and the transparency of the lace make for a seamless blend between your hair and the unit. The base is made from French lace which is durable, breathable and once placed over your hairline takes to the colour of your scalp.

Our silk based closures look as realistic as hair growing from your own head – making the unit virtually undetectable. The base is made with an inch of swiss lace at the front and the remainder from silk which creates a near to invisible line of demarcation. It is the silk material that gives the appearance of one’s scalp even when viewed very closely. Unlike other silk base closures, ours have a warm medium brown base which aid the ever so natural appearance.

What are Customised Silk Closures?

Our customised silk closures give you an unbelievably natural, flawless looking install. We help you to create this seamless look by modifying the closure to match the density of your very own parting. You select the exact type of part you would like whether it be a middle, left side, right side or curved part. Unlike other closures which have a very pale unnatural undertone, our silk base closures have a warm medium brown undertone which blends perfectly with most complexions. Our customised closures will have everyone believing that your luscious tresses were God given.

Can I colour/bleach my St Claire’s Hair?

Definitely! Our hair can be coloured/bleached to a variety of shades from the darkest of colours to the brightest. When colouring – especially bleaching we recommend that you do this professionally as this is a very rigorous process and strips the hair of its natural moisture. It is very important that after this process you intensely deep condition your virgin hair on a regular basis to restore its natural lustre and softness. Please be aware that excessive colouring/bleaching can have detrimental effects to your hair so please do so with caution.

Can I straighten my curly hair?

Yes you sure can. Our curly/wavy range hair is extremely versatile and can be straightened. In order to restore your curls/waves after straightening, simply wash and deep condition your St Claire’s Hair and your curls will come back to life.

How long is delivery?

We offer Standard UK Delivery (£5.50).
Standard UK Delivery arrives within 3-5 working days.
All International deliveries cost £20.00 and take 5-7 working days.
For more information on please visit “DELIVERY” on our homepage

***Black Friday Orders***

Standard UK Delivery – Please allow for up to 14 days for Black Friday Sale orders

UK Saver Delivery – Please allow for up to 21 days for Black Friday Sale orders

Standard International Delivery – Please allow for up to 21 days for Black Friday Sale orders

DHL Express – Please allow for up to 14 days for Black Friday Sale orders

How long will my St Claire’s Hair last for?

Ensuring regular hair maintenance and proper care pro-longs the life of your St Claire’s Hair. Many of our customers are able to re-use their hair for over a period of years. Please remember that this is virgin hair so it is important that you look after it as well as you would your own hair.

All of our hair is issued with detailed hair care instructions and top recommended


What are your opening hours?

Our store is open Monday – Saturday 10am to 6pm GMT.