Wig Starter Kit

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Wig Starter Kit

St Claire's Hair are introducing their very first wig starter kit! This kit will provide you with everything you could ever need to make your very own wig.

We have paid very close attention to detail to ensure this kit includes the essential tools needed to create the perfect wig.

From the comfort of your home you can order your SCH wig kit, SCH hair & have it delivered straight to your door the very next day!

The SCH Wig Starter Kit includes:

  • x1 Foam Mannequin Head
  • x1 Mesh Wig Cap
  • x1 Black Hair Clip
  • x1 Curved Needle
  • x1 Straight Needle
  • x1 Scissors
  • x1 Weaving Thread
  • x1 Cotton Elastic band
  • x1 Pencil
  • x2 Duck Clips
  • x2 T Pins
  • x2 Wig Combs

Take on a new challenge today and make your very own wig with amazing SCH products!

*Next Day delivery is only available within the UK*