Wig Clamp

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Wig Clamp

At St Claire's Hair we always want to make sure your hair and wigs look their absolute best!

We all know how difficult it can be to style your wig whilst on your head or even on a mannequin head, which is why we are now offering wig clamps, to help you perfect your wig styling and have heads turning everywhere you go!

Our wig clamp allows you to prop your mannequin head on top, secure the clamp to the edge of a surface (such as a table) and easily style your wigs without the worry of unwanted movement - helping you achieve perfect results in record time, every time!

Some polystyrene mannequin heads already have a hole in the bottom to allow for the usage of wig clamps. In the case that your foam head doesn't have a hole - you can simply make one!

The efficiency of this simple tool is absolutely amazing. Make sure you own one of these as part of your wig accessory collection!