Pre-Customised HD Closures 5x5

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Pre-Customised HD Closures 5x5

Our PRE-CUSTOMISED HD Closures are the next best thing to our 2nd Skins! This lace is practically undetectable and yet durable. 

Our HD Closures look flawless with or without adhesive and are suitable for everyday wear. Our HD closure game has levelled up and the confirmation will be everyoe's reaction to how amazing & effortlessly natural your hair looks.  


Our pre-customised HD closures are 5x5"

We tailor your closure by:

  • Bleaching the knots
  • Tinting the lace
  • Replicating the density of a natural hair line

Our closures offer convenience, versatility & provide you with diverse styling options for your wigs/sew ins.
As no leave out whatsoever is required, our closures are the perfect way to protect your natural hair, especially those delicate edges and hairline.
Our St Claire's pre-customised HD closures have changed the dynamics of hair weaves/wigs by creating the closest thing to natural looking, bouncy, healthy hair.
Be prepared for the endless compliments and the "Is that your real hair" question!"

NO more waiting. Our Pre-Customised HD Closures arrive with you within 3-5 working days (for orders within the UK).

How to order your Pre-Customised HD Closure

Simply select your lace shade!

For wig bookings please contact Chrissy bales on: once you have placed your order.

Please note that the frontal is sold on its own and NOT as part of a full wig.