About us

What is Virgin Hair?

This is hair that has not been chemically processed in anyway i.e. bleached, dyed or permed. Virgin hair is hand processed, this way each cuticle is kept intact and is aligned strand by strand to make for softer, silky, tangle free hair. This combined with its virgin quality is what makes the hair so superior and the finest that is available.

What makes St Claire’s Hair Unique ?

At St Claire’s Hair we ensure we provide our clientele with luxurious hair extensions by sourcing from various regions, using carefully selected donors and maintaining high standards through our quality control measures. Our hair is of the highest quality and our clients appreciate the glamour and affordability St Claire’s Hair offer. All of our hair comes pre-washed and intensely conditioned with only the best products. Our hair stays silky smooth, does not tangle/shed, holds curls as well as straightens beautifully & takes well to hair dye and bleach. All of our customers are provided with detailed hair care instructions, recommended products and St Claire’s unique packaging.