2nd Skins

2nd skin

St Claires Hair have been working hard to revolutionize the hair industry and we’ve finally done so with our 2nd Skin frontals.


What are 2nd Skin Frontals?

St Claire’s Hair have sourced the thinnest, softest, most lightweight material to be used for lace front systems - ever. Our 2nd Skin frontals are so undetectable, it may as well be growing directly from your skin - hence the name. 


Do I need to use gel/glue with my 2nd Skin? 

Our 2nd Skins look so amazing that using gel/glue is not necessary for your lace front to look good. However it is perfectly fine to use if you wish when it’s time to go all out for that special occasion! 


How long will my 2nd Skin last for? 

Our 2nd Skin frontals are perfect for special occasions, however we do not advise that they are used for every day wear due to the delicacy of the lace. 


This item is only suitable to wear if you plan to see in or use an adhesive to keep your unit in place for weeks/months at a time. 


With proper wear and removal your 2nd Skin can be re-used up to one more time however we must reiterate that your 2nd Skin must be handled with care to increase it’s longevity. A second wear is not guaranteed.


Again it is not recommended for every “put on” and “take off” wig wearing. 


Can my 2nd Skin be customised? 

St Claires offer customisation services for our 2nd Skin frontals. Our services include:

  • Bleaching 
  • Hairline Customisation
  • Tinting


Please note that our 2nd Skins are not your typical lace frontals and require a specific customisation technique to be administered for best results. 



We advise that installation is carried only by a professional with reputable experience as our 2nd Skin lace is extremely delicate. We highly recommend @chrissybales.